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The cartridge cases are brass or nickel-plated brass. The nickel plated pieces require no polishing. The brass cases will remain shiny with use or can be polished with a non-abrasive polishing cloth.

The tip and pocket clip portion of the pen and pencil can be copper-plated or titanium nitride-plated in gold or black (gunmetal), and should not need polishing.

The pen is twist-style, and holds a Cross™-style refill - available at office supply and stationery stores.

The pencil is click-style. It uses .7mm lead and has a removable cap and eraser.

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Why the Write-Shot Pen?

In March 2009, a friend's father passed away. He was a 1944 D-Day veteran, flying a B-26 Bomber over the beaches of Normandy. The USAF sent an honor guard to his funeral and fired a military salute near the casket. The sergeant in charge of the honor guard presented my friend with the fired cases. I figured that the cases would be put into a plastic bag and would land in a desk drawer if I didn't think of a better use for them. I did a lot of research, then assembly and product testing to arrive at the Write-Shot Pen. My friend was brave enough to trust me with her treasured keepsakes to machine pens for her and her children - thus was born Legacy-Pens, LLC. I have since completed several sets of Legacy-Pens for families of veterans and would be honored to complete a set for you. These pens are designed to give the survivors a daily link to their veteran.

I can also make a Write-Shot Pen, pencil (the pencil uses two .308 cases), or set with your fired .30'06 and/or .308 cases for a special memory; for example, your first deer, hunting with your father or friends, etc. What better way to commemorate the event than to carry a piece of that day with you!

References available upon request.

A portion of the profits from the sale of these pens is donated to Veteran's causes such as Honor Flight - which hosts trips for WWII Vets to see the WWII Memorial and the other military memorials in Washington D.C.

Go to for more information on pens made from the cartridge cases fired at a veteran's funeral.

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